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The Order of Tython on Jedi Academy!

ravendraay, Jun 11, 11 12:24 PM.

Jedi Council sends three Jedi Masters to Tython to establish Order!

ravendraay, Mar 28, 11 4:14 PM.
Greetings to Tython!

It is with great honor and humility that we, Raven Draay, Mutius Vos, and Zaraz Valandil, join your planet!

Our mighty arm of the Republic will include many Jedi, but as the Republic requires the aid of everyone, we are recruiting and maintain a standing army of non-Jedi as well.

Regardless of specialty, we will find both use and ability in all that seek to bring peace and justice to the galaxy.

May the Force be with us all on this great and noble endeavor!

Raven Draay
Tython Jedi Council
Jedi Sage of the 1st Order
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